Initial holders are rewarded

Whether holders are active players or not, the team will continuously create

incentives for the NFT and token holders and raise their economic value.

Play to earn

Play to earn is a revolutionary concept in the gaming world. There are multiple ways

for players to earn. People who play selene combatants are rewarded for their time spent

in-game and interacting with the NFTs:

No Pay to Win

Holders of NFTs and tokens are rewarded with more variety in gameplay, less waiting for timers and other incentives with passive earnings. Not for getting massive advantages over other players. Every player has a fighting chance to win matches!

Low barrier of entry

Players will be able to play selene combatant with the least friction possible. Initial holders of combatant avatars will get early access to the game and qualify for getting extra rewards. Starting cars will be available on game launch at low cost and future gateways for free players will be developed. The eventual plan is for all players to be able to join in, even if they have no prior knowledge of cryptocurrency. Getting interested and understanding the value of NFTs is one of our goals by introducing Selene to the general public.


The marketplace will be used for premium in-game purchases, as well as trade NFTs with other players. Players can sell thecombatants and combatant Parts that they have crafted. A 5% commission fee is taken on transactions of selene, while a variable 5% ~ 10% commission fee is taken for transactions depending on type of collection and number of users on the platform. car Parts will continuously be developed by the Team and limited/premium editions may appear on the marketplace. Earnings from premium drops and fees will flow back into the selene combatant treasury

Governance and DAO

Holders of $selene may participate in voting of decisions for spendage of community pool. The community pool can be used for organizing events/tournaments, collabs etc. Proposals for development can be made by as well by holders and be taken in consideration by the team. For example, votes can be on prioritizing which game mode will be developed first, such as deathmatch or capture the flag or other modes etc.


$Selene will offer staking for users who wish to hold and participate in passive earnings. These users are entitled to a reward from the staking pool. Users automatically unstake after the staking period and may also receive in-game items via airdrop as reward.

Events / tournaments

Prizes can be won by players who enter events organized by DAO and Team. Participants may need to pay a $Selene fee to enter. The prize money is distributed to the winners of these events, where the prize money consists of the fee collected in the event and from the community pool. Events can include tournaments, seasonal events, collabs etc.

Play to earn

A rewards pool with the purpose of rewarding players for their in-game efforts. Its main purpose is driving player motivation and creating hype. In order to distribute it fairly, a fixed amount is released to top players every season.


Players receive rewards passively for holding on to their tokens and lock them for a period of time

Early supporters

Those who supported the game in an early phase are entitled to airdrops which include the $SELENE token. Private sales will also be held to raise funds.


Tokens will go into the community pool and will be in control by the SELENE DAO. The DAO will make decisions on how to distribute the tokens for community growth and will help set up events. The community will also be able to decide on the direction of the gameplay design by voting on proposals


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